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Simplifying complex legal issues
by thinking 360 dEGREES

Play together as a team

If you want to play a symphony and make the music fly, you can’t let the conductor play all instruments. You need to let the conductor lead the different experts on each instrument.

We work as a team based on the individual’s competencies and wishes. We do not believe in the one size fits all approach. If an employee has a gift or a passion, it needs to be nurtured. And it goes without saying that we work from multiple locations and are flexible when it comes to working hours.

But it applies to everyone that it must be fun to work at 360 Law Firm. Every colleague is selected on both competencies but absolutely also on their positive and accommodating approach.

Internal Process

This is how we ensure that there is a common overview and that we solve the tasks in the right order. The positive side effect is that there is always a colleague you can share the task with.

  • Assignment is passed on to the Playmaker
  • The Playmaker sets the best team to solve the assignment and prioritises the order of the assignments
  • Assignment is solved by team-members with right competencies and best availability

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