360 law firm,
Built on an entrepreneurial mindset

Dual certified lawyers

Our lawyers, being dual certified in both Italy-Denmark, Spain-Denmark and more to come, solve cross-boarder challenges of both legal and cultural nature.

Innovative problem-solving

Our founding partners started 360 Law Firm believing we could organise a law firm more effectively by drawing inspiration from modern consultancy organisational structures.

By teaming up with ingenious thinking lawyers, 360 Law Firm alligns pragmatic problem-solving with modern organisations and leadership.


Full service


a 360 perspective

Understanding your business and values enables us to join forces with you and support your expansion in all legal and tax matters.

sourcing expertise

Since our clients do not want to devote resources talking to many different specialists, it makes no difference if the specialists are within our firm or sourced externally. We deliver the same ways as the consultancy industry has done for years.

Our team talks to specialists in or outside Denmark and your point of contact delivers everything directly to you fully integrated.

All legal and
tax matters

best experts



Knowing our clients’ needs

From decades of experience working with international and domestic clients, we know how frustrating it can be to work with different external service providers in a hectic day-to-day work life.

Leave this to your point of contact and focus on your business.

applying a human-centered approach

We know that our team works best solving any legal challenges when they work together. Internal and external specialists combine knowledge through our leadership.

Our leaders encourage personal ownership and creative thinking, not least when engaging the youngest members of our team.

your business